Fixing common errors using Mirari Cold Plasma System

February 23, 2024


The Mirari Cold Plasma System is a cutting-edge technology that has revolutionized various applications, including medical treatments and surface sterilization. However, like any sophisticated equipment, users may encounter errors that can hinder its performance. This article provides a professional guide to identifying and fixing common errors with the Mirari Cold Plasma System, ensuring it operates efficiently and effectively.

Common Errors and Solutions

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When the Mirari Driver’s display shows this error, it indicates that the Plasma Array needs cleaning. To resolve this, wash the Plasma Array thoroughly and continue using the device. This error typically arises from the accumulation of debris or contaminants on the array surface, which can impede the system’s functionality



This error, accompanied by crackling sounds and a small ray of light emitted from the Plasma Array, suggests a short-circuit. This situation can occur due to improper cleaning or if the Plasma Array is broken. The best course of action is to replace the Plasma Array with a new one to ensure the system’s integrity and proper functioning

Device Stops After Short Use

If the Mirari Driver stops working after less than 15 minutes and displays either “SURFACE CONTAMINATED CLEAN ARRAY” or “ARRAY FAULT,” first attempt to restart the device. If the device is only slightly warm, turning it on again may resolve the issue. However, if the Mirari Driver is hot, cooling it down with a small fan or a dry, absorbent towel wrapped around the driver can help. Additionally, cleaning the Plasma Array under these conditions is advised to restore functionality

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  • Check and plug tightly the Magnetic Connector Cable into the Mirari Driver connector, and rotate slightly  F Connector Cable end.
  • If Mirari Driver is still not working, remove Plasma Array from Connector Cable, then replug more tightly, ensuring it is in the correct direction (surface stamp is facing up).
  • If the Mirari Driver’s display still shows the same “content” => Connector Cable is faulty or damaged.  We will replace it with a new Connector Cable.
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This error message indicates a connection issue. Ensure the Plasma Array is correctly plugged into the Connector Cable, facing the right direction. If the error persists, replacing the Connector Cable may be necessary. This step is crucial for maintaining a secure and effective connection between the system’s components

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The Plasma Array has a maximum usage time of 600 minutes. Once this limit is reached, the Mirari Driver will display an “ARRAY EXPIRED CHANGE ARRAY” error. Replacing the Plasma Array with a new one is the solution to this error, allowing the system to continue operating without interruption



  • Ensure Cleanliness: Before using the Mirari Cold Plasma System, make sure the treatment area is clean. For wound treatments, the wound must be cleaned thoroughly. Avoid applying creams or solutions on the treatment area before and while using the system
  • Regular Maintenance: Regularly inspect the Plasma Array and Connector Cable for signs of wear or damage. Early detection of potential issues can prevent errors and extend the system’s lifespan.
  • Follow Manufacturer Guidelines: Adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning, maintenance, and operation. This ensures the system’s safety and effectiveness.


The Mirari Cold Plasma System is a powerful tool that, with proper care and maintenance, can provide reliable service. By understanding how to identify and fix common errors, users can ensure the system’s longevity and performance. Remember, when in doubt, consulting the manufacturer’s guidelines or seeking professional assistance is always the best course of action.

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