What Does Cold Plasma Do for Skin? Key Insights Revealed

March 22, 2024

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Glowing, flawless, youthful skin is universally desirable. But aging, sun damage and other factors inevitably take a toll over time. While modern skincare can partly reverse this, more aggressive anti-aging treatments often involve surgery or laser ablation with extensive downtime. This is where emerging skin rejuvenation techniques like cold plasma therapy offer a promising middle ground – dramatic improvements without the drastic measures.

what does cold plasma do for skin

How Does Cold Plasma Work Its Magic on Skin?

To understand how cold plasma reshapes tired-looking skin, we must first demystify this unique state of matter and its mechanisms of action.

What is plasma?

Plasma is one of the four fundamental states of matter, apart from solids, liquids and gases. It consists of highly energized particles with unusual properties unlike the other three forms.

What is cold atmospheric plasma (CAP)?

Cold atmospheric plasma (CAP) refers to plasma generated at near-room temperatures under standard air pressure. It comprises various reactive molecules like ions, electrons, radicals rather than just energized neutrals.

CAP interacts strongly with surfaces like human skin when applied topically. But it remains gentle enough for biological tissues unlike hot plasmas used in medical devices or welding.

How does cold plasma remodel and restore skin?

Dermatology exploits two key properties of CAP to reverse skin aging without causing thermal damage:

  • High energy reactive species: CAP contains charged particles, free radicals and other reactive oxygen/nitrogen species with strong chemical activities. They drive positive changes in skin cells and tissues.
  • Electrical effects: Plasma treatment makes skin surface temporarily conductive to electricity. This enables electroporation – opening tiny pores in cell membranes to improve penetration of nutrients.

In other words, CAP brings chemical and physical effects together to rejuvenate skin in various complementary ways at a cellular level.

Major Skin Enhancements Possible With Cold Plasma Therapy

Dermatologists now use CAP delivered through specialized devices for various therapeutic and aesthetic skin treatments. The effects essentially accelerate the body’s innate tissue healing abilities for natural-looking improvements.

Let’s examine the breadth of skin rejuvenation possible with cold plasma.

Disinfecting and Healing Skin

The reactive molecules generated by cold plasma destroy bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms on contact. This helps:

  • Sanitize skin to clear acne, dermatitis and other infections
  • Accelerate wound healing by stimulating new tissue and blood vessel growth
  • Plasma’s antiseptic properties add to its tissue regeneration effects to heal burns or surgical incisions faster.

Skin Regeneration and Renewal

CAP applied to the skin appears to kickstart tissue remodeling and regeneration by:

  • Removing dead cells from the surface
  • Building healthier new skin layers beneath
  • Boosting collagen and elastin to strengthen dermal support structure

This skin renewal from within helps restore glow and elasticity in mature, sun-damaged or scarred skin.

Reducing Wrinkles and Fine Lines

The unique free radicals in plasma penetrate through the epidermis when applied to the skin. This dermal layer houses collagen and elastin fibers that maintain healthy texture and firmness.

By activating specialized cells called fibroblasts deeper down, cold plasma helps:

  • Increase collagen production to smooth out wrinkles
  • Tighten loose skin on the face and body

So regular plasma skin treatments can markedly improve sagging skin, fine lines, laugh lines and hollowed cheeks as confirmed by dermatologists.

Skin Tightening and Lifting

As plasma remodels sagging skin, it also triggers gradual skin tightening through systematic collagen rebuilding. This biologically restructures and lifts loose facial skin that gives an aged appearance.

  • Results from skin tissue regeneration with plasma approach those of surgical facelifts.
  • But unlike invasive plastic surgery, plasma therapy achieves natural-looking skin tightening without cuts, anaesthesia or extended downtime.

So for those not ready to go under the knife, non-ablative cold plasma rejuvenation is a compelling alternative to explore for moderate lifting.

Even Skin Tone and Brightening

Cold plasma technology can also correct uneven skin pigmentation like:

  • Freckles
  • Age/Sun spots
  • Melasma
  • Acne scars

The reactive plasma species remove the darker pigmented cells without damaging surrounding skin. Continued treatments lead to improved tone and clarity across the treatment area.

Smoothing Scars and Stretch Marks

For textural issues like acne scarring or post-pregnancy stretch marks, few topicals work adequately. Thankfully, cold plasma treatment helps by:

  • Exfoliating the scarred area
  • Reducing associated shallow pits/ridges
  • Improving skin elasticity and fullness

While unlikely to eliminate such scars fully, consistent plasma skin resurfacing does minimize their appearance significantly.

Activating Product Absorption

Beyond direct skinrenewal effects, cold plasma also allows better absorption of applied skincare products.

  • It opens up skin pores temporarily through electroporation
  • Makes the surface hydrophilic (water-loving)
  • This facilitates deeper penetration of serums, antioxidants and hydrators into the dermis for amplified antiaging action.

So combining plasma sessions with an effective skincare regime enhances both outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions on Cold Plasma Skin Treatments

Confused about whether this intriguing skin therapy is right for your needs? Here we clarify the top questions people commonly have about the process:

How long do cold plasma skin results last?

Most visible skin improvements from plasma regenerative effects typically last 12-24 months. But regular maintenance treatments every 6-12 months in between can sustain the youthful, glowing enhancements long-term.

Does cold plasma skin tightening require surgery?

Absolutely not! Cold plasma therapy achieves moderate tightening and lifting effects without any surgical cuts, stitches or anesthesia. It relies on the body’s natural renewal capacities stimulated by plasma rather than invasive intervention. However severely sagged facial skin does require a surgical facelift procedure.

Is cold plasma FDA approved treatment?

While research continues, currently no plasma devices have FDA clearance specifically for dermatological use. However skin treatment with approved medical CAP generators is allowed legally under a physician’s supervision. But do confirm certification status of equipment used by your chosen dermatology clinic.

How is cold plasma facial treatment done?

It begins with cleansing off makeup, oils and cream residues that can block plasma penetration. The handheld device then generates and delivers CAP to precise skin areas in circular outward motions until light erythema develops. This indicates sufficient stimulation for remodeling. Multiple gradual passes allow better results than harsh single treatments.

How does cold plasma compare to laser resurfacing treatment?

Both technologies aim to reduce signs of facial aging but work differently. Laser basically destroys damaged outer skin layers so fresh cells regenerate uniformly. But it demands lengthy downtime for red, raw skin to heal before seeing results. Plasma treats skin more gently with zero damage, allowing faster recovery. However laser resurfacing effects might be longer lasting compared to plasma in some cases. Discuss pros and cons of each with your dermatologist.

Understanding the Nuances of Cold Plasma Skin Treatment

While clinical trials support efficacy of CAP treatment for various dermatology issues, real-world results still depend greatly on multiple factors:

Treatment Variables

  • Device specifications like operating voltage, capacitor values etc. significantly impact quality of plasma generated and its bio-effects.
  • Technique matters more than power settings alone. Careful layer by layer application by a competent professional ensures stable treatment progression sans irregularities or adverse effects.
  • Combining cold plasma with electrical stimulation may boost product absorption further by driving active ingredients deeper into dermis through pores opened by electroporation.

Individual Variability

  • Improvement perceptions tend to vary as some achieve spectacular skin renewal and tightening from periodic plasma treatments while others remain partially dissatisfied.
  • Genetics likely play a key role besides lifestyle factors like smoking, alcohol intake, sleep deficits etc. Patients living actively healthy see dramatically amplified and sustained benefits from plasma skin rejuvenation.

Maintenance Requirements

  • Unlike ablative laser procedures, plasma treatment never permanently sets back the aging clock. Continued lifestyle exposure keeps adding damage from UV exposure, toxins, stress and gradual loss of structural proteins like collagen.
  • So periodic maintenance sessions help sustain the cosmetic improvements achieved long-term rather than reversing all progress completely.
    Commitment to an ongoing plasma treatment schedule brings cumulative benefits over time.

Takeaway Tips to Maximize Your Plasma Skin Therapy Results

  • Always consult board-certified dermatologists providing the latest cold plasma equipment and techniques for optimum, customized treatment.
  • Be realistic about degree of improvement possible based on your skin aging severity, damage history and health status.
  • Schedule periodic maintenance at least every year after the initial set of treatment sessions to sustain results.
  • Adopt lifestyle measures like hydration, sun protection, balanced diets and ample sleep to support skin health between plasma sessions.
  • Incorporate active cosmeceuticals like retinoids, vitamin C, alpha hydroxy acids etc. along with plasma treatment to maximize rejuvenation synergistically. Follow medical guidance.

The Future: Wider Cold Plasma Applications in Dermatology

Continued advances in cold plasma research are helping harness its vast potential for skin health management beyond superficial rejuvenation.

Healing Chronic Skin Ulcers

Innovative techniques allow sustained, stable plasma delivery tailored to adequately disinfect and renew various wound tissues. Human trials display remarkable healing even in previously resistant long-term ulcers with CAP intervention alone.

Clearer Complexion

Stable pure plasma device prototypes specifically target acne-causing bacteria deep within follicles without irritation or dryness unlike conventional treatments. It promises lasting blemish freedom by normalizing sebum secretion long term.

Soothing Psoriasis and Eczema

Carefully calibrated plasma fields show promise relieving inflammation and thick scaling symptoms associated with common reactive skin conditions for which solutions remain limited presently.

While still emerging, CAP therapy appears poised to amplify its disruptor status from the aesthetic sectors into mainstream dermatology. Multiple innovations make affordable, accessible plasma-based solutions ever more viable clinically.

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Conclusion: Evaluating the Role of Cold Plasma for Skin Renewal

Modern medicine continues seeking kinder alternatives that avoid harming the body’s innate healing capacities while correcting health issues. This aligns closely with the holistic appeal of homeopathy, acupuncture, naturopathy etc. that embrace our natural restorative abilities.

Cold plasma dermatology treatments reflect this less invasive, gentler approach through an advanced concept leveraging noticeable skin enhancements without inflicting damage via chemicals or radiation.

However skepticism remains among both professionals and patients around long term plasma efficacy due to lack of business interests driving more conclusive clinical evidence. But the vbox expanding global adoption, continuous hardware and technique improvements do underscore growing confidence within scientific consensus on skin rejuvenation abilities with cold plasma.

Albeit no magical fix for severely laxed or scarred skin, incorporating plasma therapy shows genuine promise against signs of dermatological aging as part of maintenance routines for cumulative benefit. Dedicated application also makes possible level of correction beyond what most topicals, injections or supplements can hope to achieve individually for skin revival.

So discuss options with your dermatology office whether adding cold plasma sessions could help meet your cosmetic expectations through a delicate balance of science and nature’s wisdom, not one or the other alone!


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