Shingles Vaccine at Walgreens: Information and Considerations

March 3, 2024

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Shingles is a painful rash with blisters caused by the reactivation of the varicella-zoster virus, which also causes chickenpox. According to the CDC, over 99% of Americans aged 40 and older have had chickenpox and are therefore at risk of developing shingles.

While shingles often clears up within 2 to 4 weeks, it can lead to severe and long-lasting nerve pain known as postherpetic neuralgia (PHN). Getting vaccinated is an important step in preventing shingles and PHN.

Walgreens offers shingles vaccinations at many of its pharmacy locations nationwide. This article outlines key details on vaccine availability, costs, insurance coverage, scheduling appointments, eligibility considerations, and more at Walgreens.

Availability and Cost at Walgreens


Walgreens provides CDC-recommended adult vaccines, including the two-dose Shingrix shingles vaccine series, at over 8,000 pharmacy locations across the country.

Use the store locator tool and select “shingles vaccine” to find nearby stores offering the vaccine. Appointments may be required depending on local demand.


The out-of-pocket cost for Shingrix at Walgreens varies depending on factors like:

  • Health insurance coverage
  • Location
  • Current promotions if any

Without insurance, both doses can cost over $200 depending on the pharmacy. Underinsured patients may spend $50 or more per dose.

Contact your local Walgreens pharmacy directly or check online pricing using your zip code to estimate costs with your specific insurance plan.

Scheduling an Appointment

Making an appointment is recommended when getting the shingles vaccine at Walgreens, especially amid COVID-19 vaccine rollouts and flu season. Here’s how:

  • Go to
  • Enter your location and select shingles as the vaccine type.
  • Choose date/time and provide basic contact details.

If appointments are fully booked, try nearby locations or walk into a store with shorter wait times.

Additional Considerations

Insurance Coverage

Most private health plans and Medicare Part D plans cover recommended immunizations like Shingrix often with:

  • $0 dollar copays
  • No deductibles
  • No coinsurance

Still, coverage specifics can vary. Contact your insurance provider directly to confirm coverage details for the shingles vaccine.

Prescription Requirement

You typically do not need a prescription or doctor’s note to get vaccinated at a Walgreens pharmacy. However, regulations may differ by state.

Pharmacists will screen for eligibility and precautions based on a health questionnaire. They can help manage certain chronic conditions if barriers arise.

Eligibility and Suitability

The CDC recommends Shingrix for adults 50 years and older. However, age is not the only factor determining vaccine eligibility and safety.

Discuss your complete health profile and risk factors with your healthcare provider before vaccination. This ensures suitability based on immune function, medications, and more.

“All adults 50+ should speak to their healthcare professional about getting vaccinated against shingles, including whether Walgreens is a convenient and affordable option for them.” – Dr. Linda Park, Family Medicine Specialist


  • Walgreens offers Shingrix shingles vaccinations at over 8,000 pharmacy locations nationwide
  • Costs, insurance coverage, appointments vary – check with your local store
  • No prescription is generally needed but confirm vaccine eligibility with your healthcare provider


Does Walgreens offer the shingles vaccine?

Yes, over 8,000 Walgreens locations provide the CDC-recommended Shingrix shingles vaccine.

How much does the shingles vaccine cost at Walgreens?

Costs range from $0 with insurance to over $200 without coverage for both doses. Confirm pricing with your local Walgreens.

Do I need an appointment to get the shingles vaccine at Walgreens?

Making an appointment is recommended amid high vaccination demand. Schedule online or walk-in when available.

Does my insurance cover the shingles vaccine at Walgreens?

Most insurance plans cover Shingrix. But confirm coverage details directly with your provider.

Do I need a prescription for the shingles vaccine at Walgreens?

No, a prescription is generally not needed. But pharmacy regulations for vaccines vary by state.

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