Is Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo Good for Scalp Psoriasis?

February 10, 2024

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Dealing with the challenging symptoms of inflammatory skin conditions like psoriasis often necessitates a multi-pronged approach combining traditional medications alongside natural complementary remedies for optimal relief without side effects. Simple natural agents like apple cider vinegar (ACV), witch hazel, aloe vera and more seem particularly helpful for alleviating common psoriasis complaints like scaling, itching and plaques when used judiciously.

Why Consider ACV for Psoriasis

ACV contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and trace elements delivering cleansing, antifungal and antibacterial effects – all beneficial for skin health. Its acidic nature helps remove dead skin cells and restore optimum pH levels.

The National Psoriasis Foundation specifically recommends organic, unfiltered ACV to ease itching and scaling associated with scalp psoriasis. Diluting small amounts into water and applying directly 2-3 times weekly helps curb flaking. It may also offer relief when added to bath water for soaking plaques.

Dabbing ACV onto mild patches with a cotton pad after showers potentially slows overactive cell production and related symptoms. If using ACV formulations, ethically sourced brands free of additives or irritants seems best. Although more research needed, its antimicrobial nature likely tames inflammation while scalp rinses counter microbes and excess oil aggravating scalp psoriasis.

Gentle, Soothing Witch Hazel

Derived from the witch hazel shrub, the extract contains tannins and oils imparting natural astringentanti-inflammatory and antiseptic benefits without harshness – ideal for sensitive skin issues like psoriasis. Its ability to temporarily constrict blood vessels also slows redness, swelling and itch intensity.

Witch hazel toners, cleansers and creams allows directly harnessing anti-inflammatory properties with routine use. Even simple washcloths soaked in diluted witch hazel liquid then applied on areas like elbows or knees creates a cooling, medicinal compress – decreasing scaling and itching. This suits mild fluctuations.

Witch hazel also makes a helpful natural addition to scalp treatments by removing residues left behind by harsh shampoos allowing better absorption of prescribed topicals afterwards. So it cleans without stripping away too much moisture when used sparingly.

Soothing Aloe Vera Gel

No discussion around natural skincare remedies feels complete without mentioning the widely popular aloe vera plant known for its legendary skin healing abilities since antiquity. It delivers concentrated doses of water, vitamins and minerals while also exhibiting anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and wound healing properties – exactly what psoriasis-ravaged skin craves.

Multiple studies confirm aloe vera gels, creams or simply the pure gel from fresh leaves significantly improves various psoriasis symptoms like redness, scaling, inflammation and itching when applied topically. It also speeds up cell regeneration aiding faster recovery after outbreaks.

Being extremely gentle on skin, aloe vera works well even on delicate areas like face, under arms or groin prone to plaques but vulnerable to irritation from harsh chemicals. It restores hydration and moisture retention inside upper dermal layers combating triggers. For scalp application, shampoos and conditioners incorporating aloe vera makes a soothing combination while countering dandruff too.

Versatile, Potent Apple Vinegar Rinses

Beyond ACV, more intensive apple cider vinegar rinses leverage expanded benefits of vinegar for scalp relief. Blending organic, unfiltered ACV with activated charcoal powder and filtered water allows direct application onto hair and scalp affected by severe flaking or thick plaques.

Letting it penetrate under a shower cap for 5 minutes before rinsing keeps scalp pH in check while dissolving buildup and debris without excessive drying. Doing this weekly with follow up medicated shampooing afterwards helps elongate clearer remissions. It suits severe bouts.

Adding a few teaspoons of apple vinegar into bath water also allows full body soaking, enabling abdominal, torso or thigh plaques exposure to its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial advantages. Such concentrated solutions however need sufficient dilution to avert stinging. But used judiciously, the approach eases widespread flare ups.

Potential Perks of Witch Hazel and Aloe Blends

Given their complementary healing properties, using aloe vera with witch hazel together allows harnessing hydrating and astringent advantages simultaneously. One easy home recipe blends witch hazel and aloe vera juice with vitamin E oil into a sprayable toner for mild lesions. Or add some baking soda to intensify exfoliation minimizing raised scales.

For scalp psoriasis relief, pure aloe gel blended with witch hazel extract and few drops of tea tree, rosemary or coconut oil attempts stabilizing scalp health holistically. Massaged gently onto hair roots and sore spots before rinsing after 20 minutes, it provides gentle cleansing, inflammation reduction and faster recovery between medicated shampooing.

The easy availability, affordability and versatility of common natural agents like aloe vera, witch hazel and household staples like ACV allows creative blending into healing solutions matching personalized needs and sensitivities when official treatment seems inadequate or inaccessible. Their gentle supportive effect helps sustain daily functioning.

Effective Natural Psoriasis Management Strategies

While natural remedies work best for mild to moderate psoriasis cases so far, a prudent multi-modal treatment blueprint incorporating their benefits at select stages alongside standard systemic prescriptions promises optimal outcomes.

Here’s a broad sketch of an integrated treatment pathway:

  1. Start aggressive standard treatments during active flare episodes to rapidly reduce inflammation – topical steroids, oral medications, phototherapy etc.
  2. Once clear or mostly controlled, shift to gentle plant-based maintenance using aloe vera, witch hazel, vinegar rinses etc allowing skin recovery without side effects.
  3. Consistently nurture skin health with moisturizers and healing herbs to prolong comfortable remissions.
  4. At first signs of recurrence, quickly revert back to proven medicated therapies – use natural aids as adjuvants only rather than substitutes during flares.

This sustainable alternation between intensive and gentle care minimizes treatment burden over lifelong management.

Answers to 5 Key Psoriasis and Natural Treatment FAQs

Can apple cider vinegar shampoo help scalp psoriasis?

Yes, Apple cider vinegar (ACV) shampoo can potentially help soothe scalp psoriasis itching and flaking when used a few times weekly. Its antimicrobial properties reduce infection risk while acidic pH balances counter overgrowth aggravating skin inflammation. But ACV suits mild cases best as adjunct therapy.

Does witch hazel help psoriasis?

Yes, witch hazel’s astringent, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties help reduce psoriasis symptoms like painful swelling, skin irritation, weeping and infections risk. Its ability to temporarily shrink blood vessels also decreases related redness and scaling. Using formulations with witch hazel regularly aids faster wound healing too.

Can you put aloe vera on psoriasis?

Yes, thanks to its hydrating, antimicrobial and wound healing abilities, directly applying aloe vera gel from the plant or using creams containing it can improve psoriasis plaques, inflammation and discomfort significantly without irritation when applied judiciously. Being extremely gentle, it’s suitable for delicate facial, genital or fold areas unlike harsh topicals.

Can you bathe in vinegar for psoriasis?

Yes, adding a cup of apple cider vinegar into lukewarm bath water allows soaking psoriasis plaques present across body to benefit from its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, pH balancing and antimicrobial properties. It helps softens thick scales besides slowing rapid skin turnover. But sufficient dilution minimizes stinging. It works best for supporting standard treatments.

Is aloe vera, apple cider vinegar and coconut oil good for psoriasis?

Yes, blending aloe vera, apple cider vinegar (ACV) and coconut oil is an excellent home remedy for gentle, natural relief of mild psoriasis symptoms. While aloe vera hydrates and repairs skin, coconut oil moisturizes while ACV removes scales and inhibits infection simultaneously. Using this organic mix routinely nourishes skin restoring suppleness and glow over time.

Summary Highlights

  • Natural remedies like aloe, witch hazel and apple cider vinegar alleviate irritating psoriasis symptoms effectively for mild cases with routine use.
  • Their anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and skin healing effects accelerates recovery between flares without side effects.
  • Integrating them strategically during specific treatment stages ensures optimal long term outcomes.
  • But they suit adjunct or maintenance care best – severe flares still warrant aggressive medicated therapy first.
  • Simple blends harnessing different natural ingredients works synergistically offering holistic healing.

Bullet Point Summary

  • Aloe vera gels, creams and witch hazel formulations harness anti-inflammatory properties giving psoriasis relief.
  • Apple cider vinegar removes scales, balances pH and inhibits infection – suiting scalp psoriasis support.
  • Natural options counter irritation, redness, itching, spots and wounds gently without side effects.
  • Used between medicated treatments, herbs aid uninterrupted daily functioning during lifelong management.
  • Custom combinations target different symptoms simultaneously – their versatility enables personalized protocols suiting individual needs.
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