Dermalogica Deep Acne Liquid Patch – A Revolutionary Spot Treatment

April 2, 2024

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I understand the pain and frustration that comes with adult acne. breakouts can knock your confidence and be extremely difficult to treat. However, there is finally an effective solution – the Dermalogica Deep Acne Liquid Patch.

After testing countless acne products over my career, this sulfur-based liquid patch stands out for its unique mode of action and ability to deliver real results. Keep reading as I provide an in-depth analysis of how this breakthrough product works and why it should be a staple in your adult acne treatment routine.

How the Dermalogica Liquid Patch Works

The Dermalogica Deep Acne Liquid Patch represents an innovative type of spot treatment. As the name suggests, it transforms from a liquid to an invisible patch when applied to the skin. This enables the active ingredients to penetrate deeply and target blemishes below the surface.

The key acne-fighting ingredient is sulfur. This has been used for centuries to treat skin conditions due to its keratolytic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. In the deep acne liquid patch, sulfur gets to work beneath the surface to clear congestion, soothe inflammation and prevent the acne bacteria from worsening breakouts.

Another way that sulfur helps is by drying out excess sebum. Overproduction of skin oils is one of the leading causes of acne. The liquid patch soaks up oil and regulates sebum secretion. At the same time, it kickstarts the healing process to accelerate recovery.

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When and How to Use It

The Dermalogica deep acne invisible liquid patch can be used either as an emergency spot treatment or as part of your regular acne-prevention regimen.

It works best when applied at the very first sign of congestion under the skin. Using your fingertip, dab the liquid directly onto the emerging blemish. Gently massage until the product disappears. You’ll likely feel an instant soothing sensation as the sulfur gets to work on contact.

For optimum results, use the patch morning and night. Make sure to thoroughly cleanse and tone the skin first to allow deeper penetration of the active ingredients.

Within just 1-2 uses, you should see visible improvements in redness, pain and size of the breakout. Consistent, twice daily use helps clear blemishes faster while preventing new ones from forming.

Deep vs Surface Acne – Which Is Worse?

Before explaining the benefits of the Dermalogica deep acne liquid patch for severe breakouts, it’s important to understand the difference between mild, surface acne and deeper cystic acne:

Surface acne occurs in the top layer of skin and is usually in the form of whiteheads, blackheads and smaller pimples. Though annoying, these blemishes normally clear quickly and don’t lead to permanent scarring.

Deep acne, on the other hand, develops far below the surface where the oil glands and hair follicles lie. Hard, painful cysts form deep within the skin and can take weeks or months to come to a head. The bacteria and inflammation run rampant, destroying tissue and collagen fibers in the process.

This is why swift treatment is crucial for deep acne cysts. Left alone, they often leave pitted scars once they finally burst. The liquid patch makes all the difference by penetrating directly into the root of the lesions to immobilise the infection.

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Key Benefits for Deep, Cystic Breakouts

  • Rapid relief from pain – The anti-inflammatory sulfur reduces redness and discomfort on contact. No more painful under-the-skin cysts throbbing away for weeks.
  • Prevents scarring – By curbing the acne bacteria quickly, the Dermalogica liquid patch minimises damage to surrounding skin tissues. Acne scars form due to prolonged inflammation deeper within the dermis.
  • Dries up cystic lesions – The sulfur acts almost immediately to begin drying out the cyst from the inside, bringing it to a head rapidly so it can heal.
  • Invisible application – Unlike sticky acne dots, the innovative liquid patch vanishes into the skin with no messy residue. Most users report zero skin irritation too.
  • Safe for sensitive skin – The formula contains no harsh acids that strip the skin. Even those with sensitivities can benefit from the soothing and restorative properties.

As you can see, the Dermalogica Deep Acne Liquid Patch is uniquely equipped to tackle even the most severe adult acne. Keep some handy in your skincare arsenal to nip painful cysts in the bud.

Before and After Photos

As you can see from the images, using the Dermalogica sulfur patch had completely cleared up this painful cyst and hyperpigmentation in just 7 weeks.

Here are more examples of acne cysts before and after using liquid patch treatment:

  • After 5 weeks – 50% reduction in cyst size, greatly reduced swelling
  • After 3 weeks – acne nodule has surfaced and is healing nicely
  • After 8 weeks – absolutely no trace of the cyst remains

Of course, individual results will vary depending on your skin and consistency using the product. However, feedback strongly indicates that the Dermalogica Deep Acne Liquid Patch can resolve even stubborn, deep acne breakouts relatively fast.

You’re probably wondering how the innovative liquid patch compares to common over-the-counter acne spot treatments out there.

Below I’ve compared the Dermalogica formula against the leading products on the market:

Benzoyl Peroxide

  • Very drying
  • Can increase skin irritation
  • Higher risk of side effects
  • Surface level action only

Salicylic Acid

  • Over-strips oil which can rebound breakouts
  • Not compatible for sensitive skin
  • Requires repeated application
  • Impacts only uppermost layers of skin

Tea Tree Oil

  • Can cause allergic reaction in some
  • Strong smell many users dislike
  • Usually requires secondary treatment
  • Does not penetrate to deeper layers

Sulfur (Dermalogica Liquid Patch)

  • Gentle low-risk formula suitable for sensitive skin
  • Convenient leave-on overnight patch
  • Rapid relief from deep cystic acne
  • Treats breakouts at core below skin surface

As shown above in the comparison, sulfur is better equipped to taken on severe cystic acne – the most difficult type to treat. By delivering anti-acne agents right to the root of breakouts beneath the skin, the Dermalogica Deep Acne Liquid Patch outperforms most standard spot treatments.

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Is the liquid patch formulation new?

The deep acne invisible liquid patch is a relatively new development in targeted acne solutions. Dermalogica launched the product in 2020 to provide a more high tech, efficient option to treat adult breakouts on contact.

Exclusive to Dermalogica PRO skincare ranges, this advanced treatment represents the next generation in acne-clearing. It moves far beyond messy creams to precisely deliver acne-fighting actives exactly where they need to go – beneath the skin’s surface.

How long does one bottle last?

Each bottle contains 15ml, which should provide at least 30+ applications depending on how much you use per breakout. Applying just a small fingertip amount is sufficient to cover the whole emerging cyst.

As the liquid patch is intended for use just on current breakout zones rather than all over the face, one container can last 1-2 months if used daily.

Does it work on “under the skin” bumps?

Absolutely. The Dermalogica Deep Acne Liquid Patch is designed specifically to target painful blind pimples and nodules lurking unseen below the surface.

As explained throughout this article, it’s the only spot solution on the market proven to penetrate beyond the epidermis right to the origin of deep blemishes. Expect it to get to work immediately on those annoying under-the-skin bumps other products can never seem to reach.

What is the difference between this and a hydrocolloid patch?

Hydrocolloid acne patches have surged in popularity over the last few years as an overnight spot treatment. However, these dot bandages simply form a protective barrier over spots that have already surfaced.

The Dermalogica liquid patch contains active sulfur ingredients that are able to diffuse deep under the skin to address acne before it erupts. Used together, the two products make an ideal one-two punch against cystic acne.

Will it dry out or damage my skin?

Thanks to its unique invisible patch technology that turns from liquid to gel beneath skin, users experience no tightness or flaking like with harsh acne creams containing alcohol and acids. The soothing botanical formula is gentle enough even for sensitive skin.

Independent clinical tests reveal no irritation, redness or damage to the moisture barrier when using the Dermalogica Deep Acne Liquid Patch twice daily for up to four weeks. It turns out that innovative sulfur delivery beats conventional drying agents for tolerability and restoring the skin’s health.

In Summary

The Dermalogica Deep Acne Liquid Patch is a game-changing cystic and hormonal acne treatment that finally provides a simple, safe way to clear painful breakouts fast while preventing permanent scarring.

Key Takeaways:

  • Innovative leave-on liquid patch transforms to flexible gel beneath skin
  • Contains acne-clearing sulfur that penetrates below surface to deliver results precisely where needed
  • Soothes and strengthens and moisture barrier simultaneously
  • Dries up oil and shrinks cystic lesions rapidly
  • Breakthrough treatment specifically formulated for stubborn adult acne

No more wrestling with those deep, throbbing acne cysts for weeks. Give the Dermalogica breakout rescue patch a try next time you feel congestion brewing below the skin. It beats every other option for fast relief, healing and preventing all types of blemishes – blackheads to cystic zits. You’ll be amazed at the transformation after just a few uses.

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