Bedsore Treatment at Home: Natural Remedies and Self-Care Tips

March 28, 2024

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Bedsores, also called pressure sores, are areas of damaged skin caused by prolonged pressure on bony areas. They develop quickly and worsen if not addressed promptly. This article provides tips on bedsore treatment at home using natural remedies and self-care techniques for preventing, recognizing, and healing bedsores.

Understanding Bedsores

What are Bedsores and How Do They Form?

Bedsores, or pressure ulcers, occur when sustained pressure or friction restricts blood flow to vulnerable areas of skin, leading to tissue damage. They commonly affect those with limited mobility who are confined to beds or wheelchairs. Bedsores most often develop over bony prominences like the tailbone, hips, heels, and shoulders.

Takeaway: Bedsores, also called pressure sores, are areas of damaged skin caused by prolonged pressure on bony areas. They develop quickly and worsen if not addressed promptly.

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Preventing Bedsores: The Cornerstone of Care

Essential Steps for Preventing Bedsores at Home

Preventing bedsores through pressure relief and healthy skin is easier than treating existing sores.

Pressure Relief Strategies

The key preventive measure is regularly changing positions to relieve pressure on at-risk skin sites. Consider specialized mattresses and support surfaces to help redistribute pressure.

Takeaway: Regular repositioning and using pressure-relieving surfaces are crucial to prevent bedsores from forming.

Maintaining Healthy Skin

Keep skin clean and moisturized to prevent injury. Barrier creams shield vulnerable skin from moisture irritation in incontinent patients.

Takeaway: Keeping skin clean, dry, and well-nourished promotes healthy skin and reduces the risk of breakdown.

Recognizing Bedsores Early

Identifying Bedsores: Signs and Symptoms to Watch For

Detecting early signs allows for prompt treatment. Redness, pain, warmth, swelling, blisters, or changes in skin color may indicate bedsores. Monitor for signs of infection like fever or drainage.

Takeaway: Early detection allows for prompt intervention and better healing outcomes. Learn the signs of different stages of bedsores.

Natural Wound Care for Bedsores

Cleaning and Dressing Bedsores at Home

Gentle wound care facilitates healing and prevents infection. Consider natural options to support recovery.

Gentle Wound Cleaning Techniques

Use mild soap and water or sterile saline to clean wounds. Removing debris promotes healing and reduces infection risk.

Takeaway: Proper wound cleaning removes debris and reduces infection risk. Learn how to clean bedsores gently using readily available supplies.

Natural Dressing Options for Bedsores

Honey dressings provide antibacterial and healing benefits. Gauze with oils like coconut or tea tree also aids healing.

Takeaway: Certain natural materials can promote healing and protect the wound. Explore options like honey dressings or gauze with natural oils.

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Promoting Healing Through Self-Care

Nutritional Support for Faster Healing

Consuming enough protein, fruits and vegetables supports wound healing. Adequate calories and nutrients provide the building blocks for repair.

Takeaway: A balanced diet rich in essential nutrients provides the building blocks for skin repair and healing.

Staying Hydrated for Bedsore Recovery

Drinking sufficient fluids keeps skin supple and facilitates circulatory health. Proper hydration removes waste products and supports healing.

Takeaway: Adequate fluid intake keeps skin supple and promotes wound healing.

Managing Pain Associated with Bedsores

Consider topical home remedies like aloe vera or turmeric for natural pain relief. Consult a doctor about oral medications if discomfort persists.

Takeaway: Pain management can improve comfort and promote healing. Explore natural pain relief options and consult your doctor if needed.

Additional Tips for Bedsore Care

Light Exercise to Improve Blood Flow

Gentle movements enhance circulation to aid healing. Even small leg lifts or rotations can help.

Takeaway: Gentle movements can improve blood flow and promote healing.

Monitoring Progress and When to Seek Medical Help

Regularly inspect skin and track bedsore changes. Seek medical attention promptly if you notice signs of infection or deterioration.

Takeaway: Regularly monitor bedsore progress and seek medical attention if signs of worsening or infection appear.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can Bedsores Be Completely Cured at Home?

While bedsores may not be “cured” at home, diligent wound care and prevention methods can promote healing and prevent worsening in many cases. However, medical intervention is sometimes necessary.

What are the Best Natural Remedies for Bedsores?

A combination of aloe vera, honey, essential oils, and medicinal herbs supports bedsore healing. But the most crucial remedies are pressure relief, wound care, nutrition, and hydration.

How Long Does It Take for Bedsores to Heal at Home?

Healing time varies based on severity. But early intervention and proper care may facilitate healing within several weeks in mild cases. More serious wounds take longer.

What are the Signs of Infection in a Bedsore?

Increased redness, swelling, pain, pus drainage, foul odor, or fever can indicate infection. Seek medical attention promptly if infection is suspected.

How Can I Prevent Bedsores from Recurring?

Use pressure relief techniques consistently, maintain skin health through proper cleansing/moisturizing, consume a balanced nutritional diet, stay hydrated, and address any risk factors. Early detection also helps prevent recurrence.


  • Prevent bedsores through regular pressure relief and healthy skin care.
  • Identify bedsores early by monitoring for symptoms like redness or swelling.
  • Use gentle cleaning and natural dressings to support healing.
  • Manage pain and promote healing through self-care techniques.
  • Seek medical help promptly if symptoms worsen or infection occurs.
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